Big Secrets About Nulled WordPress Plugin

Big Secrets About Nulled WordPress Plugin

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Have you ever considered installing nulled WordPress plugins on your site? Or do you presently have a nulled WordPress plugin installed on your WordPress site?

Nulled WordPress plugins are pirated versions of premium WordPress plugins that other customers purchase.

After all, we’re all searching for ways to cut costs and save however possible. This is particularly true if you have a WordPress site that doesn’t bring in a lot of money.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could receive all of the features and advantages of a premium WordPress plugin without having to spend a single penny?

We’ll go over some big secrets concerning Nulled WordPress Plugins that the providers don’t want you to know in this article. We’ll go over all of the reasons why it’s critical to avoid using nulled WordPress plugins. So if you’re concerned regarding your WordPress site, you’ll quickly understand what we’re talking about.

Identifying nulled plugins is not a peanut task, but we’ll share with you some sources to get original premium WordPress plugins.

What Are Nulled WordPress Plugins?

You receive a license to use a premium WordPress plugin when you buy it. This restricts the plugin’s usage to only a single website. You can’t even use it on more than one website. Licenses are used by developers to prevent their products from being bought once and then made available to friends for free.

However, tech-savvy individuals can tweak the code and breach the licensing to use it on various sites. A pirated, nulled, or cracked version of the original software is referred to as such.

These nulled versions are available for download on many websites. They’re also in great demand as they are usually free.

Big Secrets About Nulled WordPress Plugin

Security Issues

WordPress security mechanisms are very vulnerable when using nulled WordPress plugins. They are also well-known for carrying their virus, in addition to the vulnerabilities inherent in them.

If you install these kinds of nulled WordPress plugins on your site, the harmful virus code will start spreading to other files and disguising itself. This renders detecting and repairing the precise spot of the leak challenge.

If you aren’t protected, you risk losing all of your site’s data while the breach is being investigated. If this occurs, you’ll be glad you installed a backup plugin.

However, since your website actively propagated malware, Google and other search engines may opt to remove it from search results.

Privacy Issues

It’s hard to determine what kind of harmful code is buried within nulled WordPress plugins’ files.

If your data privacy is important to you, you should never use a nulled WordPress Plugin. Some of the harmful malware buried in these files includes varieties that collect sensitive data from your website and distribute it to those on the dark web.

Your Admin login, passwords, Email addresses, and other personal information will be at stake. Worst of all, if your website is an eCommerce site, all of your clients’ private details are at stake. Physical addresses, phone numbers, and even credit card/bank information might be included.

It doesn’t sound right for you as a reputable WordPress site owner to put your clients’ privacy in danger to preserve a few bucks on a premium plugin license. The privacy issue is frequently hard to trace. They may go undiscovered for a long time while your site continues to work normally.

No Product Updates

Bug fixes and upgrades that introduce new beneficial features and address newly identified security vulnerabilities are frequently released by every WordPress plugin.

Since they’re not utilizing a valid license key, nulled WordPress plugins have no means of obtaining these patches from the developers.

You leave your whole WordPress site open to dangerous cyber threats by having just one nulled plugin on your website that isn’t properly updated. When you use these nulled WordPress Plugins, you will almost certainly encounter issues and SSL vulnerabilities.

WordPress dishes out newer versions of its platform regularly. The nulled plugins will almost always need to be updated at this time to keep up with the current WordPress modifications.

A nulled plugin has the disadvantage of being unable to update. When you upgrade WordPress, your whole site may start acting strangely. It might become unreachable entirely.

No Documentation and Product Support

Professional WordPress plugin developers devote a significant amount of time and effort to providing help and generating extensive documentation for their customers to consult. Many may even hire customer service representatives to respond to personal inquiries.

Not to mention the time they devote to tutorials and new product demos. Those who choose to use a nulled WordPress plugin are on their own. They have no method of contacting the product’s creator for assistance once they get stranded. They are unable to do so because they lack a product license. There’s also no way to receive lessons or important material.


Nulled software is unlawful since it infringes on copyrights and licenses. As a result, it is punishable by penalties and imprisonment. However, when it comes to WordPress plugins, there is a twist.

The GPL2 license governs WordPress, which is open-source software. This implies that every WordPress plugin is also GPL2 licensed. Anybody can alter and redistribute the code, particularly plugins, under the terms of this license. As a result, neither the individual who updates the software nor the one using it is breaking the law.

Regardless, based on the country’s laws and the plugin’s license conditions, the developer may be able to sue. Nulled WordPress plugins are essentially stolen from developers since they violate the license.

Bad For Seo

Spam links may be added to your website using nulled WordPress plugins. They have the potential to utterly devastate the SEO of your WordPress site. Because these spam links are properly concealed within the code, it will be hard for you to identify them.

Search engines, on the other hand, will pick up on this quickly, and your website’s rating can suffer as a result. Your user experience will be harmed as a result of this. Furthermore, it will undo all of your hard work on your website. It might take months, if not years, to recover SEO rankings that have been lost. Nulled WordPress plugins might also hurt your business’s earnings, therefore it’s better to avoid them.

What Is The Best Way To Deal With These Nulled WordPress Plugins?

A security study revealed that 25% of users had experienced a hijacked website. This demonstrates the issue’s complexity. If your website gets hijacked, you won’t be able to recover the time and reputation you’ve lost.

Nulled WordPress plugins are being created by rogue websites. They also offer them even for zero cost, enticing customers to buy them. As a result, website security is could be critical.

However, you can get redistributed plugins from some commercial websites. An example is that redistributes original items even with some items with their license keys.


Free items are appealing to everyone. As a result, many of us overlook critical issues such as privacy and security. When you purchase plugins, the same thing occurs. Customers will find it much more appealing with the premium version of nulled WordPress plugins.

The following points have been compiled with this in mind. So that you are completely aware of the consequences and can prevent your website from being destroyed.