Why You Must Stop Using WordPress Nulled Themes

Why You Must Stop Using WordPress Nulled Themes

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Why You Must Stop Using WordPress Nulled Themes.

One of the reasons WordPress is by far the most popular open-source CMS currently is the abundance of themes.

You may choose between free and premium themes in the directory. Premium ones, on the other hand, are pricey. Many individuals attempt to save money by downloading nulled WordPress themes.

I’ll explain why you must stop using WordPress nulled themes in this post so take your time to read through.

Identifying nulled themes ain’t a peanut, but we’ll show you where to get original items even with license keys.

What are WordPress nulled themes?

WordPress Nulled themes are premium themes that have been altered to remove the paywall and licensing limitations. Anybody can view and alter the code since the majority of WordPress themes are open source. The licensing requirements in the themes files are sometimes removed by certain authors.

WordPress Nulled themes are free copies of expensive themes that have been stolen.

Premium software, on the other hand, requires a licensed key that you must purchase, while nulled software does not need a key since the code has been erased.

Why You Must Stop Using WordPress Nulled Themes.

1. You Have No Idea about what’s in the Code

You have no idea about the contents concealed in the code if you download an extension from anywhere other than the publisher (or a trustworthy repository like WordPress.org).

WordPress Nulled themes are often used by cybercriminals to include their bad content, such as injected links for SEO or even more malicious operations you expose yourself vulnerable to this sort of attack when you use a nulled theme since you have no clue about what’s hidden and waiting for you except if you have the knowledge and time to sift through the code.

Asides from that, you risk obliterating any possible assistance from your host. For instance, some themes provide a free hack-fix guarantee, however, this does not apply if your WordPress site gets hacked as a result of a breach in a nulled theme.

There are genuine sources that provide clean items under the licensing terms of GNU Public License, so this isn’t a general problem (usually for a monthly fee). However, if you pay for a GPL club that provides malware-free downloads, it’s good but identifying the right source is a challenge.

Is it far safer to presume that if you didn’t get it from the original creator, it may have been tampered with, contain hazardous code, or even be infected with a virus? You may examine a theme’s files using an internet program like VirusTotal to see if it identifies any viruses.

2. The developer will not provide any assistance to you.

The functionality of a premium theme may be obtained with a nulled extension, but you will never be able to get all the advantages that a paying user enjoys.

It’s because a large portion of what you pay for with GPL-licensed software is developer support.

If you have a problem with a product that you purchased, you may contact the developer directly.

WordPress Nulled themes come with no support. Having trouble? Hopefully, Google will be of assistance! Because you have no other choice. It’s possible to receive help if the plugin you’re using has a free version available in the WordPress repository. But let’s face it, it’s a lot like gambling. And the reason for this is that software engineers simply can’t afford to work without pay.

Is it truly “saving money” if you spend three hours trying to fix a problem that the developer could have done in minutes? No, I doubt it.

3. You won’t be able to get any automatic upgrades.

You’ll need a license key to activate automatic updates for a premium theme. Every time there is a new version, you will have to update themes manually if you don’t have an active license key. One of the very known sources to provide license keys is Free WP Items.

Firstly, there are two major drawbacks to this.

To begin with, it’s inconvenient and time-consuming. You’ve gone from easily clicking a button to having to remove and re-upload a theme every time you want to change it.

However, it is not the most pressing problem.

In addition, you won’t have to deal with that annoying red message in your WordPress dashboard anymore. As a result, you’ll have to devise a different strategy for keeping tabs on the release dates of new versions.

The worst-case scenario is that the developer provides an urgent security update, but it takes you several weeks to learn about it. You’re putting your site in danger if you can’t keep up with the latest upgrades for your WordPress site’s themes, which is a major attack channel.

Several sources have been known to get the most recent versions and then post them on their website. The question is, who do you trust? Distributors of the GPL theme or a GPL club with a thousand distinct themes is it worth it to take that chance to save a few dollars? Free WP Items have been verified by many WordPress website developers for their redistribution of original items. Their reviews from Trustpilot are verified by Trustpilot themselves.

4. Inability to add new functionality or make use of existing functionality

One of the characteristics of a high-quality theme is the introduction of additional features over time. It ensures that the theme is up to date and relevant to the customer’s current requirements. The problem is that WordPress nulled themes cannot be updated over time, therefore they’re out of date.

The developers of premium themes are continually working to improve their current offerings and take care of their clients. The themes are also updated to work with the most recent WordPress release. WordPress Nulled themes, on the other hand, do not have this luxury.

It is generally accepted that themes are open-source; yet, many of them are offered under mixed licenses that are protected by copyright law. Legally speaking, nulled WordPress themes are not allowed to be used.

It’s possible to wind up spending a fortune in legal fees solely because of these themes.

6. SEO compatibility issue

When it comes to getting your items to show up on the first page of Google’s search results, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a must. However, employing nulled WordPress themes might hurt your site’s SEO.

You should avoid using nulled WordPress themes since they may include spam or dangerous links, which may cause your visitors to land on shady websites. This will hurt your website’s search engine rankings.

7. It’s frustrating to use WordPress nulled themes.

WordPress Nulled themes may also harm your services and company credibility. To justify utilizing WordPress nulled themes, you may claim that you do not have enough money to invest. As it is, you should not use it on your website.

Developers, on the other hand, devote their time and effort to creating a successful product. That’s why they’re entitled to the price they’re being paid for their work. That’s not the case when you’re utilizing WordPress nulled themes.

The best possible solution

You should avoid using any nulled WordPress themes. Alternatively, downloading themes from freewpitems.com is safe as they are obtained from the developers and redistributed. Some items are provided with their license keys, so you’re very safe to download themes from freewpitems.com

Final Notes

You should avoid using WordPress nulled themes because of the inherent risk they provide. You must not utilize any of them to protect your site’s security. There are several options available. The most important thing is that you may legally utilize the items with the full backing of the creators.

I hope this post has given you a better understanding of the negative repercussions of nulled WordPress themes. Is it possible that you’ve had a bad experience with nulled themes? If you do, please let us know in the comments so that the rest of the community will learn from your experience**