The Top 10 WordPress Plugins for Ecommerce Websites in 2023 (Free and Paid)

The Top 10 WordPress Plugins for Ecommerce Websites in 2023 (Free and Paid)

The need to kick start an online e-commerce website is growing rapidly in the year 2022. If you don’t use the right plugins, you will go through a lot of stress. WordPress plugins for e-commerce are the best solution to make your business stress free and automated from start to finish. You are on the right page as I will be helping you to select the best and must-have WordPress plugins for your eCommerce website.

Apart from the normal Ecommerce daily functionalities like payment access, shopping cart, and mailing lists, there are other plugins that are very essential for your eCommerce site. As a business owner, you will need tools to generate leads, boost your conversion rate, manage customer needs, and take care of all your business needs with or without your online presence.

We are here to save you the hassle of going through more than 50,000 plugins in the WordPress plugin repository in search of eCommerce plugins. Plugins in this list are not just regular, popular plugins. Our team of experts carefully selected plugins that are free and inexpensive, easy to use and understand, well supported and updated, etc. But before we dive in, let us quickly look at factors to consider when choosing a WordPress plugin for your e-commerce website.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a WordPress Plugin For Your Ecommerce site in 2022

Before choosing any WordPress plugin suitable for your site, it is important to check for the following factors:

Availability of an existing community Before installing a plugin on your WordPress site, you should check if there are a lot of people backing the plugin. An active community can be helpful when it comes to fixing some bugs or troubleshooting weird issues that may arise while using the plugin.

The best way to do this is by checking the total number of downloads compared to the total number of active installations. This data can tell if the plugin is popular. If it is popular, the active installation should be a little close to the number of downloads. It is one thing to download a plugin, and it is another to install it and activate it. Check to see reviews from customers and also how the developers respond to bad reviews.

You can also check the WordPress Plugin Directory if the plugin is listed there. If the plugin is not listed, it could be a premium plugin, and that is okay. Bear in mind that not all plugins are listed in the WordPress Plugin Directory. If this is the case with your plugin, contact the vendors to clarify. If they don’t respond, then that’s a big turnoff.

Impact on the site speed and performance

Some plugins can make your website slow, and that is a big turnoff to visitors. Always check for reviews before downloading or purchasing an eCommerce plugin. You can search for reviews on Google by simply typing “[Plugin Name] Review” in the search bar.

Plugin Support

As new WordPress versions are released, new plugin versions should also be released for compatibility and responsiveness. Another way to know if you should download a plugin is to check if it’s updated frequently. For some old WordPress users currently reading this, you should know that WordPress warns users attempting to download plugins that haven’t been updated for at least the past two years.

Best WordPress Ecommerce Plugins For 2022



This plugin powers more than 25% of WordPress online stores. It is the most recommended plugin for eCommerce as it will help you set up your WordPress eCommerce site into a full-grown shop, providing you with essential features needed for your online business. You can add secure payment gateways, shipping options, etc.


  • Supports Digital downloads
  • Provides numerous payment options using extensions
  • There are numerous extensions to add to your ecommerce store. Examples are addition and distribution of discount codes, inventory management, and lots more.
  • Calculation of shipping costs and other expenses
  • One of the best support systems, with community forums, a help desk, documentation, and so on. This Plugin is free, but it has premium extensions if you wish to upgrade. Get premium WooCommerce extensions for your online store here.



BigCommerce launched a WordPress plugin recently that effortlessly takes care of the needs of your eCommerce website. This plugin offers payment gateway integration, email marketing solutions, live customer support via chat or email, and other essential tools needed for your eCommerce website.


Ability to sell on other platforms like Amazon, Instagram, Facebook etc. Offers a range of options for shipping. Offers compatible themes for your e-commerce website Easy customization of your online store with BigCommerce apps Pick from a wide range of payment gateways. Etc

Easy Digital Downloads


This eCommerce plugin comes with all the features you need to retail your digital products online. This plugin is basically for eCommerce sites that sell digital products. It is more detailed for sales of digital products than other plugins, as it doesn’t come bundled with lots of other features for selling physical products.


  • Compatible with nearly every WordPress theme,
  • A wide range of options are available for payment gateways for your digital products.
  • It is extremely simple to use and comprehend. This plugin is priced at $99 per year. Get your Easy Digital Downloads plugin here.



This plugin is very powerful when it comes to conversion and lead generation for eCommerce stores. This plugin helps users to create convertible campaigns and grow their mailing list in a few clicks. Some visitors may not know the next action to take, this plugin helps point potential customers in the right direction.


  • Exit-intent technology; this feature helps convert abandoning visitors into leads.
  • Gather personalized data from cookies and previous customer interactions with your site and use this data to create special offers.
  • excellent customer support 24/7, etc.

Constant Contact


This is one of the best marketing plugins that is capable of effortlessly handling all your marketing needs. You can use this plugin to send targeted email campaigns to your subscribers. The plugin is super easy to use. They have lots of features that can help you grow your email list effortlessly. If you are looking to use email marketing as a major method to increase your profits, then this plugin is a stellar option.


  • List segmentation
  • Marketing automation
  • A/B testing
  • User friendly
  • Pre-designed templates etc
  • MonsterInsights MonsterInsight.png

This plugin is popularly known as one of the best Google Analytics plugins for WordPress as it is used by over three million sites. It allows proper connection of your e-commerce website to Google Analytics. This is to enable you to see all the important stats and traffic sources from your WordPress dashboard.

With this information at your fingertips, you can optimize your website to boost your traffic, email subscribers, and sales.

This Plugin is free but it has a premium pro version and extensions if you wish to upgrade. Actually, if you want to experience the full power of Monster insights, then you should upgrade to the premium version.

Ecwid Shopping Cart for Ecommerce


This is another wonderful plugin used for selling products online. With this plugin, you can sell simultaneously on different channels like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

This plugin is free, but it has premium extensions if you wish to upgrade. After constant usage of this plugin, you may want to switch to the premium version, which gives access to the ability to create Facebook and Instagram shops and even a mobile app. The paid version is priced at $15/month.



It is normal for e-commerce sites to have lots of heavy images, which can affect the site’s speed.

This plugin is an image optimization plugin that automatically compresses all JPEG and PNG files. Optimole is a great tool that can greatly improve your e-commerce site’s performance and loading time.

This plugin is free until you reach 5000 monthly visits on your site. After that, it is priced at $19.08/month.



This is another plugin for people on a tight budget. This plugin can help you grow your mailing list by creating a newsletter opt-in form. It also helps users manage subscribers right from their WordPress dashboard. MailPoet makes it possible to design transaction emails for customers who may have abandoned their shopping, customers who have bought certain items in the past, etc.

  • Features:
  • Marketing automation
  • Designer of email campaigns
  • User-friendly
  • Free This Plugin is free for the first 1000 subscribers, after that, you start paying for their services.

WP Review


When it comes to product reviews, you shouldn’t stress yourself on the screen for hours trying to add a product review. With WP Reviews by MyThemeShop, you can choose how you want to display reviews and manage everything concerning product reviews on your site.

All you need to do is to select the product review option while writing your review blog post. This plugin immediately displays all the settings you need to write that review. You can arrange your site by adding pros and cons, images, features, comparison sliders, ratings and reviews, and lots more.


  • It generates comparison tables and sliders from existing reviews.
  • It enables users to post comments and rate different product specifications.
  • Save time by gathering information needed for your review from previous reviews. This is super helpful.

Smart Coupons for WooCommerce


This WooCommerce coupon plugin is the perfect solution for you to offer attractive deals and discounts in your WooCommerce store. It supports different kinds of discounts including quantity-based discounts, sub-total based discounts, country-based discounts, purchase history based discounts and more.


  • Offer give-away coupons
  • Restrict coupons based on country
  • Offer store credits and gift coupons
  • Display count-down discount sales banner
  • Configure cart abandonment coupons
  • Supports sign-up coupons

In conclusion,

That is it. The above-mentioned plugins on your eCommerce site make the job easy and stress-free. With this information, you can reach new heights in your e-commerce site as these tools will help you face all challenges that may come your way. If you have any questions drop them in the comment section below, we’ll answer it in a few moments.